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BigfootDS is an indie developer & team of one, creating games & content for a variety of devices - consoles, smartphones, computers, and virtual reality headsets.


Though the current focus is on game & VR development, BigfootDS also teaches, trains, and consults others in their game development efforts as well.

Schools, colleges, and businesses in the greater Sydney region of Australia call on BigfootDS to learn more about the latest & greatest technologies & industry trends in all things games & virtual reality.





Based in Sydney, Australia


Founding date:

December 22, 2015




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Planet Protector VR - Steam, Google Play




Alex Holder began BigfootDS in December 2015 with a focus on graphic design, moving into the game development sphere in early 2016 upon joining the Nintendo Developer Program. By late 2016, a colourful puzzle-platformer game by the name of Colourzone was developed as part of Alex's studies at the Academy of Information Technology for the Nintendo Wii U. Colourzone was scrapped by the end of 2016, but it opened new doors to BigfootDS by that time as well.


Jumping into the XR sphere - virtual reality & augmented reality - BigfootDS began creating games & teaching others how to create games & VR content as well. From late-2016 to late-2017, BigfootDS balanced both game development and education, all while growing business connections too.


BigfootDS is currently a signed developer in these developer programs:

  • Nintendo Developer Program
  • Microsoft Dev Center
  • ID@Xbox
  • Viveport Developer Program
  • Oculus Developer Program
  • Google Play Developer


There's only so many hours in a day, so while you might not see current BigfootDS projects on platforms provided by all of those developer programs just yet, just know... we'll make games for those platforms sooner or later!


You can download these videos in a handy ZIP file here.

Alternatively, click on the links below to view each one on YouTube.


Project Images

You can download all of these images in high-resolution from a handy ZIP file here.

Feel free to request additional high-resolution images as needed.

Planet Protector VR promotional image. Various aliens are attacking the city, with a giant UFO looming in the sky behind everything.

Planet Protector VR gameplay screenshot. Spot the White House - various game modes and missions take you to new & unique locations!

Planet Protector VR gameplay screenshot. Traffic abandoned during an attack - players have to focus on more than just the buildings!

Logo & Branding

You can download all of these images & their variations in high-resolution from this handy ZIP file.

The "BigfootDS" name must be used as either "BigfootDS" or "Bigfoot Design Studios".

About the Team

BigfootDS is currently made up of one permanent employee - Alex Holder! Being a sole developer, a lot of assets & other important items in the projects are provided by places like the Unity Asset Store and from other studios such as Synty Studios.


Alex Holder studied a Bachelor of Interactive Media (Games major) at the Academy of Information Technology, graduating in October 2016. Immediately following that, he enrolled into the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's Graduate Diploma of Management - the lead-in to the AIE Incubator program - and also began working as a freelance trainer/tutor for colleges & schools in the Sydney region of Australia until being hired by Redhill Education as a game development trainer in September 2017.

Alex is primarily an educator - currently fulfilling the role of "Trainer & Program Coordinator" for Redhill Education in Sydney across two of Redhill Education's colleges; Coder Academy and the Academy of Information Technology. Here, Alex can teach others about game & virtual reality content development - introducing great new technologies to schools that are keen on keeping their students on the forefront of the various technology industries.


Check out the images of BigfootDS in the real world - teaching, training, and showcasing games!

You can download the business media pack of photos as a ZIP file here.

Sydney High School & Careers Expo 2017, attached to the Academy of Information Technology booth. Live demo of game development & virtual reality to high school students.

Sydney High School & Careers Expo 2017, attached to the Academy of Information Technology (AIT) booth. AIT's Instagram story featured students playing Planet Protector VR throughout the day.

Workshop graduates from a 2-day Unity & Virtual Reality course delivered via the Academy of Information Technology in Sydney.

High school students visiting the Academy of Information Technology to learn more about game development careers.

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